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You probably knew it before, Prodige Association works in various areas hit by the multidimensional crisis and poverty in all its forms. The serial kidnappings worsened the situation. In many areas, even the minimal contribution required from the participants are hard to be found.

Very often, we do our very best to support them. But, in spite of our social sensitivity, we can’t afford to make a bigger impact in their lives. But we don’t mean to give up on them, as they represent the future and we are aware that the best way to act on the future is to do the things today. That’s the reason why we turn our eyes to our sisters and brothers of good will.

You can support a young adult to learn and enjoy better opportunities to move on from :

per month

It will help make a big difference in a young adult’s life. For more details, feel free to contact us : (509) 33 90 9024 / (509) 44 43 4575 (Available on WhatsApp too).

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